Dietary needs

Do you prefer a meal tailored to your medical diet, food allergies, or religion? Order it upfront for your intercontinental flight.

Food allergies and medical diets

For your intercontinental flight, you can order a meal tailored to your dietary needs:

  • low-fat;
  • low-salt;
  • for a diabetic diet;
  • for a gluten-intolerance diet;
  • for a lactose-intolerance diet.

Make sure to order at least 24 hours before departure. Note that you have to order the meals separately for your outbound and return flight. You can only select dietary needs for your main meal, not for any further meals or snacks during your flight.

Food allergies

Although we have processes in place to minimise the risk, we cannot guarantee that your meal is 100% gluten-free or lactose-free. Do you have a severe food allergy? We recommend taking your allergy medicine with you in your hand baggage. You may also bring your own meal, but we cannot heat it for you because of safety rules.

Do you have a peanut allergy? Our meals do not contain any whole or ground peanuts or peanut paste. Still, we cannot guarantee that KLM flights are 100% free of peanut contamination. Unfortunately, when serving a mixed-nut snack, we don’t have an alternative to offer you.

Vegetarian or vegan meals

On each flight, there’s a limited number of vegetarian meals available. Want to make sure you get your vegetarian meal or do you prefer a vegan meal? You’ve got the option to reserve a vegetarian or vegan meal. Make sure to order at least 24 hours before departure.

Religious meals

Want to live up to your food traditions? We serve meals tailored to your religion: Islam, Judaism, or Hinduism. Make sure to order your Muslim meal or Hindu meal at least 24 hours before departure. Kosher meals need to be reserved at least 48 hours before departure.